At MG4 Consulting we bring a thorough knowledge of Computer Science and software engineering — from the architecture to the algorithms to consistent style — to the practice of software development. Our diligence, experience, and attention to detail allow us to solve complex problems in a straightforward way and to provide you with a product that looks good and works well.

Our Team



Minor E. Gordon, Ph.D. is a software architect and full-stack software engineer. He has been programming professionally since 2009 and as a hobbyist since the early 1990s. Prior to founding MG4 Consulting, Minor worked on parallel and distributed file systems at NEC High Performance Computing Europe; experimental programming languages for high-performance computing at IBM Research; compilers and runtimes for web scripting languages at Tronics Software; and web applications for startups in New York City, among other projects. He holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, where his research centered on concurrency architectures for CPU-intensive web applications.

Minor is a native of Claremore, Oklahoma, where his family settled prior to statehood. He is the fourth “Dr. Minor Gordon” in four generations. His father, Dr. Minor W. Gordon, is a clinical psychologist in Claremore. His grandfather, also Dr. Minor E. Gordon, was a medical doctor in Claremore, as was his great-grandfather, Dr. Minor H. Gordon. Outside of work Minor enjoys spending time with his family, taking photographs, and reading about the history of science and technology.


Chief Security Officer

Max Gordon is MG4 Consulting’s Chief Security Officer. He protects the company’s assets against cats, squirrels, delivery trucks, and other menaces. Max is an Iowa native and an almost-graduate of the Cyclone Country Kennel Club in Ames, IA.


Toy Supervisor

Elizabeth Gordon, B.O.B. is the newest member of MG4 Consulting. She is responsible for sorting toys, throwing toys, and demanding more toys. Elizabeth is currently pursuing a doctorate in statistical astrophysics.